Sunday, January 30, 2011

My personal Use of Technology 5

A report goin to part of my Year 11 English holiday HW:
This week appeared 2 be a very interesting week; with new things happenin from time 2 time. Although things started off as a pretty boring but usual week but things started 2 get a little towards what I would’ve wanted things 2 be.
This report will be on the second half of the week or else this report will get boring when u guys read it. It all started off with my vce books finally arriving. most of my hw requires my books and I couldn’t do much without them, except 4 goin on fb and askin my friends on what hw we had 4 the holidays. Anyways, I started on finishing my hw. Things were goin smoothly until, on a Saturday, they got a lot smoother than I thought. On that day, my parents were supposed 2 go 2 a wedding. The best and only thing about my parents goin 2 wedding was that they can leave me home alone, doing whatever I want. So while they were gone, I started 2 play around while doin my work at the same time but that was soon was cut short when  had to buy some food 4 myself. When I got back and had my dinner, I soon resumed 2 the same routine until my parents came back, which was like around midnight.
On Sunday, it was pretty much the same thing as the rest of the week. Only that I started downloading and playing a FPS game called ‘Combat Arms’.  It was so long since I had played that game; the last time I had played it was around 3 years ago. The shooter was a bit like the COD multiplayers that u r used to, only that some stuf had been taken out of it but its still close enough 4 me liking. I kept on playing until the end of the day and that was pretty much it 4 the week.
This week would be the last week of my skool holidays. This would therefore be my last post 4 this whole thing and I would surely hope that it would meet my teacher’s VCE expectations (and let us hope that my printer is still workin).

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Personal Use of Technology 4

A report goin to part of my year 11 English holiday HW:
With 2 weeks 2 go until skool hell starts, I really needed 2 put the hammer down and finish all my hw before I can have the breathing room that I really wanted. One piece of hw I find most frustrating was the Jap hw, not because that it was difficult, but its because my computer doesn’t like the word processing software that I have on it and 4 some reason, the net on my computer doesn’t like Japanese.
Anyways, it took me almost 3 hours 2 type up an entire entry in Jap but I managed 2 pull it off. After that frustrating moment, I couldn’t b bothered on doin another one next time. After that, I was forced 2 do more studying by my old man, just like any other day on the skool holidays.
When I had finally finished all the work, I can finally relax and go on the computer 4 the rest of the day. The only disappointing thing about this is that it is the same thing over and over again when I get on: goin on fb and watching Youtube at the same time. I also got MSN but I don’t go on it as much cuz nothing worth talkin about happens in my life or people that I wanna talk 2 aren’t on at the time.
So basically, I did the usual routine 4 this week; nothin new, like every other week.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Personal Use Of Technology 3

A report going to part of my year 11 English Holiday HW:
In the last 7 days since last Tuesday, which was the last time I made the first blog, it was pretty much normal like any other week: been forced 2 study by my old man, goin on fb and realize there was nothing new on, u know the usual stuf.
But the only difference was that I jus bought the newest iTouch, which made me feel really good about it. Now I wont be the odd one out from everyone else with their ipods and other iStuf like that. I bought the iTouch over at JB HI-Fi over at Sunshine where my mom and dad usually shop around. When I bought the iTouch, I also bought the starter kit with the wall charger and skin . I could’ve bought the iTunes or app store card but I decided 2 pass on that. At first I thought that it doesn’t make much difference but I soon discovered that I would’ve made much more out of it if I really bought one.
When I got back home I started on settin up my itunes program and other stuf like that and then I put the rest of my music and vids in there to finish up. At first I thought that i needed 2 use the itunes card 2 access itunes but it trned out that that aint the case. I swear, if this thing told me 2 get an Itunes card, that will be absolute bs I tell u now. Soon enough, ererythin was pretty much up and runnin 4 my itouch and finally I can get some breathin room 4 now.
I then spent my spare time goin on fb and YouTube watchin some of the lets plays, cuz my older bro wasn’t goin around buyin some decent games 2 play anyways, and that’s pretty much how I spent the rest of the week, apart from bein forced 2 study that is.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Personal Use Of Technology 2

A report going to part of my Year 11 English Holiday HW:

It was now halfway through the holidays and im feelin like that im startin 2 feel the strain. I mean, seriously, who would want their old man to force u study when he knows that its the skool holidays for u. I was like: 'R U FREAKIN' RETARDED OLD MAN????' or somethin' like that. I wish i could go fb and just poke my head around 4 what's goin on in the last week.

Anyways, I wanna put all the study time 2 one side since almost every one of us aint interested in that kind of stuff. I bet that all they r interested is fb adn chattin 2 each other all the time. Anyways, after all that study time, I immediately went onto fb and I was a fb junkie since ive been goin on it 4 almost the whole day. There was really nothin 2 do on my computer anyways: people on fb like 2 go out all the time, games on fb dont really satisfy my brain and there are no decent pc games around my house. I dont chat 2 people that often but i can chat whenever i feel like it, which is, like, almost rarely. Last time i was talkin 2 the MC on y he ditched me in his 16th a few days ago. Like i know this guy 4 like 'round 9 years or somethin' and he still treats me like some random guy off the street but, know, stuff like this happens. tHen i talked 2 a couple of my other friends 2 c if they r goin 2 the st alban's lunar fest. Apart form all of that, there was nothin' 2 do around the place 'cept some old games 2 play.

My older bro' has some really good games in his room but they either dont work on my computer cos' they r too damn good 4 it or my older bro bet me to installin it. I also got my psp but im too good 4 the games that I hav. My older bro got the same stuff than me too but I clocked the games that he had too. So im pretty much stuck with the same old games that i gotta put up with every day, unless my older bro's gonna buy some more

And thats pretty much it on what ive done on the computer and the PSP 4 the week. Better not get too caught up with my dads tutorin' or else I’ll go freakin' spastic as hell LOL :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Personal Use of Technology 1

A report for part of my Year 11 Holiday HW:

A recollection of the events from the first half of the school holidays:

This goes way back 2 the Christmas season. During Christmas Day, i went 2 my friends house which my friend was acually older than me but he had everythin i ever wanted: a ps3, new games, the lot. I couldnt reveal u his name or else things would bet a little...'out of hand', so to speak. Anyways, during my visit 2 his house there was some stuf that were new compared to the last time i was there, which was like last year or somethin like that. Anyways, while i was there, I played Red Dead Redemption, which was similar 2 the GTA games that ive been playing a while back. My friend also had the NFS: Carbon on PC but i cbs on playing it since it’s much older than what i was playing. I was so addicted to the game 'cause i can blow people's heads off and other stuf like that, until it was time 2 go home. Once in a lifetime there, was finally somethin 2 really look forward 2.

Back home, it was the usual sutf: goin on fb 4 anythin new, only 2 find some people kept on spamming my all with ‘………………….’ and other stuf. There was really nothing 2 do round the house ‘cept doin the same things over and over again but that’ll only get even more boring but what can u do when u hav super tightass parents that don’t let u go out a lot and only ask u 2 study all day?????